Monday, March 29

I'm being lonely

I'm here today for being no reasonsX)
i really need to say something whether its nessesary...
telling myself that you are not alone..
for the reasons i'm alone cuz XY was absent today..
gonna ask her why>.< nothing to bother it..
having my lunch with my lover instead being lesbian..LOL..
so bye guys<3
love you guys always:)

Kim, i love you<3

Saturday, March 27

Eclipse official poster

I remember every look upon your face

Here i am!
i's been a long time i didn't updated my blog nowadays~
let's talk about my results..
actually i don't want to say about's BAD!!!
urghh...mad with this results..
need to pay more efforts in it..
i don't wanna waste my time anymore..
today,teacher had change our sits..
but i'm still sitting with XY..nth change..
appreciate it every second in your life...this is how life's gonna be>.<
i think i'm gonna end here...

Wednesday, March 17

White Lover

New Moon Tee

You are everything to me

hey buddy,

quite busy for these day for packing my things~


i don't get ways to clear my rubbish..



almost done for about 2days..

thanks god>.<

well today i went for a haircut..

i really hate it,

cause its too short for me,

i can't accept it~

what can i do
in this situation,i didn't realise that i can do it~
i have booked the ticket-Alice in Wonderland for this Saturday<.>
i wanna watch 3D,but its all sold out...
very sorry about that^_^
its a short post for today,
so bye buddy~

Sunday, March 14

The Twilight Saga-Eclipse

Eclipse Movie and New Moon

Alice in Wonderland

It's seems nothing wrong

Hey dolls,

have a great day today,

went to Mid Valley again,

we have just finish our lunch,

so we went to BORDERS...

just walk here walk there,

it's tea time,

enjoy our tea time at My Toast,

after that,

went to MPH..

i have bought 3 teen mag which cover Justin Bieber,Tay Lautner and Rob Patt.....and more

love them so much that you could possibly think about it..

it's too crowded there,

i can't wait to leave that place,

gonna watch Alice in Wonderland this Saturday...

hooray,gonna booked tickets soon==

do uploads the photos soon,

gonna end here..

bye guys<3

Love & Light-Miss A

Monday, March 8

Two is better than one

Hey peeps!!!
this week is exam week..
kinda fun right?
yeah,i think so..
we have maths and sej(chi) exam..
no pressure to doing it..
good luck everyone<3
mummy fetch us after school,
head to have our lunch,
then,back home,
and continue my study..
i'm here to report what i have done everyday,
please don't feel boring...
because it's good to know what's people thinking,
too much crap,sorry....==
i have to concentrate my study now,so bye guys..
Love&Light-Miss ,

Saturday, March 6

Am i feeling excited?

Yeah,its the day i hope for so long,
daddy announce that gonna bring us to Beijing during the holidays>.<!!!
i'm so happy to hear about it...
maybe next week will go to renew my passport...
k,let's talk about today...
today is the first day of our exam..
feeling nervous==
but i still can manage...
i'm here to wish everybody good luck in ur exams...
study hard,work hard and you can make the me..
after school,went to Parkson to have my lunch...
guess who i saw??? artist? no...friend? no.....enemy? YES!!!
she has just cut a mushroom head..
can i say it like'fashion' maybe no
i saw her eating ENQUIRE KITCHEN...
forget about it...
we head to Secret Recipe to eat...
the bill was so expensive...
i was shock..
but nevermine,not everyday eat one..
she's just starrring at me..
i was like'did i know you?
bye guys.have to do my revision now....
let's study hard!!!
Love&Light-Miss A

Thursday, March 4

Someone that i LOVE



busy doing revision for these days,
because of the**exam is coming to us...
OMG!!! can anyone help me...
less confidence~
this post is probably want to thank KIMBERLY,
i think i'm gonna end here....bye...


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