Sunday, July 31

Sorry for taking you for granted ;

Hello EARTHLINGS ;)) It's the end of the month of JULY, and here welcomes AUGUST! It's time to move on, my dear. Backed from POPULAR. Maybe later we are going to visit my cousin, she's at the hospital because she fell down from the stairs, get well soon :) p/s : enjoy the pictures.



Selena Gomez ( future MRS.BIEBER )


"Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring." -marilyn monroe.

A :)

Saturday, July 30

On the first page of our story, the future seems so bright ;

prove that if you were a BELIEBER.


THE SMURFTS ; KATY PERRY. She looks GORGEOUS in this dress.
she changed her hair colour from BLACK to BROWN.

Hello WORLD ;) What on EARTH doing now? Guess what, it's SATURDAY! I have school today, it's so unfair :( In fact, we have to do something that's important, and all because of... SCHOOL. Why we have school on our perfect SATURDAY, maybe I'm going to write a complain letter to our school, which means I won't do it ( I'm a COWARD). Recently, I have ENGLISH project, so I'm finding those information and we are making a menu :D  We came with many ideas, well, let's see how we gonna work it out

totally agree!


A :)

Thursday, July 28

I'm no beauty queen, I'm just beautiful me ;

nicki minaj

Taylor Swift

Selena Gomez

Hilary Duff

Ariana Grande

Megan Fox

Ashley Benson

Kristen Stewart

Britney Spears

Demi Lovato

Beyonce Knowles

Amanda Seyfried

Miranda Kerr

Katy Perry

Dianna Agron

 Miley Cyrus

Vanessa Hudgens

Kim Kardashian

Lea Michelle

Emma Watson

Blake Lively

BEAUTIES are fucking PERFECT :)

I'm very pleased that you would called me,

A :)

Tuesday, July 26

All I wanted is second chance to make things right ,

you are too strong to be a superwoman ;

Hello EARTHLINGS ;) Today's the day that my grandpa passed away for a year, we really missed him. He wants all of us to be HAPPY, we understands and we DID it! You will be deeply missed and loved by us forever :D I ate D-U-R-I-A-N-S yesterday, that's EXTRAODINARY! ; ( imma actually a DURIAN-FREAK), seldom eats durian and here's the chance! I don't get it why people that dislike durian think it SMELLS-LIKE-RUBBISH!  Certainly NOT! That's a really good question but no one would know how to answer it. 

I'm stressed , my week is full of SMALL TEST and homework and blah , blah , blah. It's getting BAD to WORST! PMR TRIAL - 28 DAYS left, sigh :'( 


A :)

Sunday, July 24

I know it's hard to find someone like you ;


Hey dolls ; SKIPPED SCHOOL today, not really :/ Head to PRINCE HOTEL this morning, everything goes really well, god blessed ;) I'm freaking out, but it all turned GREAT at the end! The examiner was actually a BRITISH , he's really kind. Weeeeeeeeee ; I'm RELIEF. Gonna back to school tomorrow and I'm back! Practice makes perfect, I'm regret for not doing it. Whatever you do, just walk on the right path, and you will achieve the goals :D

I'm proud of myself , tell yourself that " I'M SPECIAL ".

Hope feat. Jason Mraz - Love Love Love

A :)

I've always wondered if you would come back ;

my future, your future, our future ,and that's FUTURE ;

Hey dolls ; A lovely SUNDAY :) Without tuition. And for yesterday, we went to old folks home @ampang. We did the-cleaning-washing-and-caring thingy. How could they just dumped their old parents in there, it's so-unfair for them! I mean, they supposed to enjoy a wonderful and beautiful life :) Those STUPID just can't get it. Well, I've learned so much, great experience ever :D Bought HOT, GALAXIE & SEVENTEEN magazine, A's all time favourite! MV today, not really bored, because it was been ages that I went there. Damn, tomorrow's the big day ( disaster )! Hope that I won't be shaking my hands in front of the examiner.

WTF?! Amy Winehouse was found dead at her house in LONDON, I'm shock to hear about this,but it's true. I sort of think like she resembles LADY GAGA. RIP AMY, you'll be deeply missed by all your beloved family and friends :)

Pitbull feat. Marc Anthony - Rain Over Me
Maroon 5 feat. Christina Aguilera - Move Like Jagger

Never miss someone because it's not worth for doing it, because you acted like a idiot.

A :)

Friday, July 22

Unforgettable moment ,

Hey dolls ;  Recently, busy with school stuffs and sort of those-complicated-thingy mess around. How could it be like that? A trip to old folks home tomorrow with my society members :D XIN YI was absent for 2-days. Maybe she had fall sick? Take care :) Not going to school on MONDAY, special reasons. Truthfully, I  pay so much efforts to build up the relationship between them, what I actually mean is, they are such an amazing, generous, kind-hearted friend :) Love being with them, everyday, we had so much fun talking about jokes, stupid stories and that was pretty hilarious. We promised that we will be forever ( what on earth I'm talking about this, no way ), I'm not going to trust this for ever! I'm acted like I'm okay with this whole-friendship-thing-, like I say, who cares about it? No one would possibly think that's important, I'm just a SMALL POTATO, forget about it. I need a HUG now from anyone of you, CHEECHEONGFUN , I predict that you will kill me after weekend.

I need a hug from her, duh :)

Greyson Chance - Unfriend You
Pixie Lott - All About Tonight
Rebecca Black - My Moment
Lil Playy feat. Matthew Koma - Birthday Dress

Don't make someone feel so bad for making you unhappy, ridiculous! We don't need to cheer you up,so true.

A :)

Saturday, July 16

Twilight Saga- Breaking Dawn invites you to their wedding ;

Edward and Bella's wedding invitation card :)


BREAKING DAWN PART I release date ; 24th November 2011.

A :)

Like I'm made of glass , like I'm made of paper ;

Hey dolls ; Like I mean " SUNDAY ", worst :(  You know what I exactly mean, tuition. STEAMBOAT tonight with relatives. Dislike the sports thing, totally annoyed me. Shocked news that I heard from some media, Jennifer Lopez officially divorced with current husband Marc Anthony,they ended up their 7 years of marriage.J Lo divorced for the 3rd times, while Marc divorced for the 2nd times :(  Phang Zi Shan had created a FACEBOOK account, I was like..finally. Bitches-these-days, a never ending story. How-to-be-popular? Act like a totally bitch. That's just how they get-so-popular in school. Hwaiting for this month issue of GALAXIE MAGAZINE covered harrypotter? I've changed my blog header yesterday midnight :) How was it? In BREAKING DAWN , Bella's wedding dress designed by Carolina Herrera. It's stunning!

Too much going on, keep calm and you're fine.
Have a great sunday, xoxo.

Leona Lewis - Collide.
Charice- Louder.

A :)


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