Tuesday, August 31

Love your country...

Happy 53th Merdeka!!!
We are proud to be a Malaysian-

Monday, August 30

柴 米 油 盐 酱 醋 茶

For our memories of love...

Its like an angel came by,and took me to heaven~

Hey Fabs!!!
i dream about my grandpa yesterday,
maybe he wants to tell me something~
tomorrow is holiday...yeah!
but its only one day...bad-
i'm uploading happy's photo...haha...
my lil brother mah...
nothing much for today...
Toddles =)


Saturday, August 28

What I am in your eyes?

Talk to me,speak with me,I don't want to be alone~

Hey Fabs!
today we will be going to IOI mall to buy my sister's school bag~
Merdeka is coming! CHEER-
Exam is coming soon too~
Let's have some fun!!!
just a little update for today...
bye fabs!


To: My dearest grandpa...

Dear Grandpa-

Hope you can see this...
this is especially for you,
although you are not my maternal grandpa,
but I already treat that you are my grandpa,
you live in the hospital for a month,
and we hope you can get well soon...
but unfortunately you secretly passed away,
without leaving any words..
is this fate or destiny?
do you know how depressed we are?
you taking care of us when i was a toodle...
you cook for me,
you drive us to eat,
you brings me to MPH,
you gave me angpau,
you fetch us to school,
you buy me ice-cream,
all these things was forever remember by me,
i would not forget it...
because its a memory between us...
R.I.P,my grandpa...
You are always missed and remembered by us-

From:your granddaughter-Amelia.

Can I have this dance?

No matter what they take us,nothing can break us apart....I just wanna be with you~

Hey Fabs!
what a wonderful day I have today...
hanging out with my friends...
yeah!happy but kinda bored...
i didn't bought anything...
only bought a cup of pearl tea...taste great~
i fold a lot of paper swans by these few days..
its up to 300 something...what a huge number..
its use for the event...
and its specially for my grandpa and grandma,
when they are still staying alive,
so when they have passed away,
and i realize that i didn't filial them,
so i decided to use this kind of way to show them my love...
and i hope that they can feel it,
and be happy in the Nirwana world,
that's what i hope for it,
the theory exam is coming soon,
and i'm feeling anxious~
its freaking out of my mind-
I feel very happy with you guys~thanks a lot!


WITH LOVE-amelia~

Friday, August 27

There's no use looking back or wondering....

I never had a dream come true,till the day that I found you...

Hey Fabs!
going to hang out with my Fabs tomorrow!
i've finally found my Justin Bieber album!
it has been lost for a couple of weeks or a month...
i'm so anxious that i've lost it...
going back to Seremban next tuesday to visit my relatives:)
its also Merdeka day~
but have to back to school on Wednesday...
Hate it T.T
i'm not really active in my Twitter...
That's all~

We pretend like strangers--

With love-Amelia

Thursday, August 26

Demelza Reveley-

Demelza =)

I can't be that be that superwoman that you want me to be....

We don't talk the way we used to talk,its hurting so deep,
i got my pride ,i will not cry,but its making me weak...
Hey Fabs!
i'm not very deal with her...
just because sometimes she is making my mood so bad..
maybe our opinion is not quite same..
or some other reasons cause it,
i watched the Australia's Next Top Model round 4...
and the winner is Demelza Revely..
i really hope that she can win it...
cause i think she is stunning,fabulous and young...
She feels great!
i'm really happy with my team fabs!
my friends relationship are so complicated..
maybe they really don't know how to take it...
He love her;She love him...
Spread the love!
learn how to express your feelings to the others...
Kiss the rain~

Tuesday, August 24

I can't deny what i believe...

I'm overboard,and i need your love to pull me up~

Hey Fabs!
back to my real life...
its all back to normal now~

obviously we went to visit our grandparents in Serdang,
went to parkson and i bought a pair of shoes...
stylish!love it!

i've just told you all!
so nothing to say at all-

Shhh!!! silent~

We are still together,right?

If someday i abandoned you,
please don't blamed me,
because i just want you to be happy~
I hope you can understand me...

Monday, August 23

Hey friend,i will always be there for you...

Dear Elize~

If you want to talk,
you can just find me...
if you want to cry,
just cry on my shoulder,
and its ready for you whenever you want...
don't be depressed,
just remember i'm here for you every single day,
forget those bad things...
and start a new life,new day...
We will always support you!!!
i was fortunate to be your friend,
i strongly believe that our friendship will never end...till forever~
if you try to believe it,it will come true~

I wish you happy and joyful in your life~

Your truly friend-

This is Unacceptable-

You change your mind,like a girl,change its clothes~

Hey Fabs,
i'm officially made up a Team FABULOUS...
what a good name,
our group members are me,Xin Yi and Elize...
i'm not really happy in the Sapo group...==
can't figure it out...
not in a good mood today...i guess so=]
just because with all those jerks~
really can't stand it,
i think i'm not tough enough...
they are not given a chance,
they are not excuse for doing this...
its done!


Saturday, August 21

Its a love story between Penguin & Mushroom-



Birthday wishes to Irene Quar-

Happy Birthday to my Dear IRENE~
May all the good things come true that you wish for...
Hope that you will have a great and special day~
Enjoy your birthday and have fun!!!

That's something i want to say to you-

Once a year i get the chance,
To wish you birthday cheer,
It pleases me no end to say,
I wish you another great year,

So Happy Birthday to you,
From the bottom of my heart,
And may your good times multiply,
Till they're flying off the chart!

Friday, August 20

Congrats & Celeb~

Happy 200th Post!
Specially for FABULOSITY!!!
I reach the target---

We built that in a solid rock-"Friendship"

Earthquakes can't shake us,Cyclones can't break us,Hurricanes can't take away our love

Love the way you like...

When you look me in your eyes,you promise that you love me~
Hey Fabs!
update my blog recently for these few days~
i just miss out my tuition...
anyway,its not a big deal~=)
Happy's fur was quite long,
have to bring him to the Pet Shop to have a nice fur cut,
in fact,i'm not a professional 'Fur Stylist',so i can't cut for him...
Haha x) Sorry]=
nothing much to say so,
not really update my twitter....
feel lucky that you have everything now...
i always say that to me...
thought that everything is mine,
its wrong,
everything is fair and just...
you can't just say that its just yours...
appreciate life~
Live your life,your way,your style-
a song full with hope...

Wednesday, August 18

Grils,just wanna to have fun~

Dare to be FABULOUS-
Be a woman-

Bread & Butter always together...

That girl needs more than occasional hugs-

Hey Fabs!
i'm stuck~
i'm rushing now for doing my Sej project to pass up by the right time~
nothing to say-----
Sorry guys~

Everytime i close my eyes,i think of you~


Monday, August 16

Back again...No matter what~

I show you what real love can do-
Hey dolls!
gonna share something with you guys,
i'm gonna heading to the theory exam on the September,
feeling nervous now==
Good luck to me,
18Sep have to back to Seremban to bai bai my granny~
unfortunately,i can't go back,
because i have school on that day,
pity me--
these days,
i feel like i have some problems with my Sapo---
don't know how to explain,
its complicated~
Cut off the crap>>>>
You didn't know when you fall in love with someone-

Saturday, August 14

I'm not that kind of girl that you can let down-

my way
Hey dolls,
its Saturday~
rushing for the Sej project for these few days...
so kinda busy-
what are you guys doing these few days,
blogging,facebook-ing,tweeting or something else,
comment me if you want...
okay,wait till for you guys~

Friday, August 13

Thursday, August 12

Its too late to do anything-

You left,without leaving a word.

Its night time now,
pick up the phone,
Grandpa had passed away,
i'm shock,i can't cry,
and i don't know why...
the most depressing day that i had before,
went to the Nirvana Memorial Park for two days,
unluckily,i'm sick==
pity me~
its monday,
i'm absent from school,
have to attend grandpa's funeral,
everyone was sad~
the speech was so touching~
i cried...without any reason,i miss him...
the feelings was so strange.

R.I.P-My Beloved Grandpa...
its specially for you-

I saw you for the last time,
I talk to you for the last time,
suddenly,everything change...
its too fast,
i can't even have a chance to do it for you,
I can just only hope you are living happily in another world that belongs to you...


I love you,

Wednesday, August 4

That's not the real me-

Sometimes i try to take it easy,
but i can't,
feel so depressed and frustated...
keep asking myself what can i do?
repeating and repeating,
but i still can't get that answer,
i admit that its my fault,
life is full of challenge,
i'm not brave at all,
i'm not a superwoman,
that's all,
they can't take the right things,
rather me~
I try to think it positively,
but my mind always thinking the negative things,
though i strongly believe that i'm tough enough to take it,
i'm to overestimate myself,
i try to learn something now~

Try to love anyone around you,
if not you will not have that chance to do it-

Sorry,I can't be perfect

My heart will go on with you wherever you are~

Hey dolls,
its been fun at school with my beloved friends...
We play till freaking out,
that's our way to being so CRAZY-
Elize have some problems with her BF,
me too,
i have some problems with my sisters,
can't fix it up,
cause i'm not the problem fixer,
That's all~


Monday, August 2

In your eyes~

I never thought that i can love you.

Hey babes~
have to rewind to yesterday,
head to PappaRich met up with my beloved uncle,
spend our lunch time together,
the dish are yummy-licious~
and i feel great-
back home to take some rest while i'm infront of the pc...
that's end with this day:)

-I try to cherish every moment with you.Do you?

Sunday, August 1

Adam Lambert-


Birthday wishes to Gwen Tan-

Happy Birthday to Gwen Tan!!!
May all your wish come true,
Enjoy your birthday& have fun!!!

For these few years,
you have been teaching me well,
you taught us a lot,
you share your secret, sadness,happiness and everything to me,
and i am luckily to have you as my tutor,
i'm sure you are lucky to have me as your student too,
i think that this is our fate to be together,
when i have done something wrong,
you will lead me to the right way,
and i'm really appreciate what you have done for me,
you sacrifice and contribute for this society and for us too,
you carry out the possibillity as a teacher and also a mum,
you are a mighty person~
Thank You!!!

Being a teacher is a lifetime job~
No one can ever replaced it.


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