Wednesday, August 22


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2012. 08. 21 - TUESDAY

Dad brought us to MORIB BEACH for one day trip ;) omg, we took almost one hour to reach there. i never been there before so im kinda exciteddddddd! such beautiful beach for vacation, i saw tons of ppl flying kites, picnic and also sleeping on the mat. oh yea, i must mention the STRONG WIND. it just blew up my hair and its a really great place to fly kites, walking around the beach and u know what i mean -- taking photos hahahha. although the beach was like nothing, its just a sandy beach. but im lovin the weather, enjoying the natureeeeeee.! AND I HOPE U GUYS ENJOY MY PICTURES ABOVE :) thanks xo

now playing - in the arms of an angel

you're beautiful, no matter what they say. words can't bring you down


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