Saturday, April 30

I don't want something perfect,I want something that's real.

something between the two of us,something we can feel about it.

Hey dolls, GOOD MORNING! Actually,I haven't brushes my teeth yet,haha :D I know that I'm such a dirty person ;) Yea, it's SUNDAY. Have piano class later,I'm lazy like a ***! I've changed my blog header with JB pictures :)) Any comments?? Tomorrow is LABOUR DAY, so have a good rest ya, HAPPY LABOUR DAY! I didn't realized that blogger could change to updated editor, such a STUPID! And so, I could change the font colors and make the image bigger :)) More updates,love ya.

you're such a backstabber,stop it and leave it away!


A :)

Friday, April 29

I do believe in FAIRYTALES, I do, I do.

You're just too good to be true

Can't take my eyes off of you

You'd be like heaven to touch

I wanna hold you so much.

Prince William & Kate ,

A :)

Where I'm from,everyone's a HERO.

i'm not thinking about you anymore because I'm busy thinking about us.

Hey dolls! I'm so excited to be here! Lately, I did not updated my BLOG just because of this computer!!! And so,I'm angry with it :(( Scroll down to see what's happened this week :)

the computer started to hang, so nothing that I could do :( am was HELPLESS and also thanks to my DADDY, he fixed this!

I wanna complain about ELIZE.C bf! Cause he's so disturbing and annoying! DON'T ANGRY AHH,ELIZE.C :))

skip to..

A BIG day for the whole world ! Congrats to both of them- Prince William and Kate Middleton ! I watched the ROYAL WEDDING last night and I was like " WOW " , it was really FABULOUS!!!
Kate wedding gown was effortlessly stunning that fits her perfectly, she's doing very well!

Baby JADEN ( my cousin's baby ) is already one month old! CONGRATS! Take care and much loves :)

Mama participated a singing competition last night she's doing a great job! But there's damn BORED :( So four of us had PIZZAHUT @parkson.

maybe I'm going to ELIZE.C house later.

stay tuned on, I do need your support!

A :)

Sunday, April 24

I used to think one day we tell'd the story of us,how we met and the sparks flew instantly.

You think that you're HOT but you're actually not :)

Hey dolls! Back to Saturday,we had a FABULOUS time with our BIG family and we celebrated grandma's 81th birthday :))The dishes was really DELICIOUS!

Yesterday,we left at home while three of them went for BOWLING@ bukitjalil. Not really interested on it :(

Had a serious problem happened today but I'm not really know what's going on,like" EXCUSE ME"!

my position in class, no.9 ( not bad lah)
average-61.71,kinda dissapointed :(

Felt sorry to my parents that I didn't do well in this exam. And so,I promised them I would reach an average of 65! Possibly,they trusted me so I just need to go ahead!! I made this promise for me and for them.

I strongly believe in myself,never say never( cause you're one in a million)

A :)

Saturday, April 23

I rather love someone that I can't have than have someone I can't love.

I'm a girl,trying to find a place in this WORLD.

Hey dolls! First of all, today 's PARENTSDAY :)) damn bored!! Thanks god! ELIZE.C accompanied me,thanksssss :D Finally,my parents arrived ;p I would have predicted that my parents would have a talk with my form teacher, and of course,it happened :( Luckily,my teacher didn't said some negative stuffs in front of my dad and mum,phewww! Saw the CADET shouted like MONKEYS,they shouldn't be :((

Went to MIDVALLEY to have our lunch :)) Saw KCH students there and YINTHONG. Feeling like it's a shopping day with family,do LOVE it!

Dana changed her BLOG skin and those stuffs, finally you continue on your passion, blah! ( what am I talking bout') Do update your BLOG ahhhh! Ready to head on to the venue that we celebrate grandma's birthday!

I know everything happens with a REASON, but sometimes I wish I knew what that reason was.

A :)

Friday, April 22

Never ask why I love you, just accept that I do.

LAUGH as much as you breathe and LOVE as long as you live.

Hey dolls! What an awesome day :)) JB successfully put on an AWESOMMMMEEEE performance for MALAYSIA'S BIEBER FANS :D Thanks to you! And of course, you are awesomeee tooo!!! Hope we still have a chance to meet you again! The girls are so LUCKY as they can met JB, I'm so ENVY!

Tomorrow's my grandma birthday, will celebrate with her.loveyaalways :) Parents day falls on tomorrow, getting more anxious now..:(( Don't feel like taking the results, but I have to. This is unfair for me,lol. The whole class had a birthday celebration for my form teacher - MISS WU :)) HAPPY BIRTHDAY ! HAVE BLAST! ENJOY YOUR SWEET BIRTHDAY! we'll always LOVE YOU!!!

in the end you'll see who's fake,who's true and would risk it all just for you.

share you story with me, cause I shared everything with you.

A :)

Tuesday, April 19

If I have to do it again, I choose you, everytime.

you are my passion,my life,my love. without you,I have no reasons to live.

Hey dolls, I'm sicked for almost 2 days :( Gonna back to school tomorrow,miss my darl's so muchhh! Justin Bieber is coming to Malaysia on 21.04.11!! What a great news for THE BIEBS! Unfortunately,I can't attend his concert :(( Put on an awesomee show tomorrow :D MALAYSIA LOVES YOU, WE LOVES YOU!!

i love you- those 3 words have my life in them.

A :)

Sunday, April 17

Ain't about how fast I get there,ain't about what's waiting on the other side.

I don't felt empty about you, I just feel like I've lost a part of my heart.

Hey dolls, had a great SUNDAY! AM is doing my powerpoint homework now :) This coming SAT is parentsday, nervous about my results !! SURE DIE x( Pay a visit to grandparent's house, enjoyed desert@ desertbrother( wrong translation), dad and sis have a haircut. Have a fabulous Monday tomorrow :)

don't ever judge anyone,you don't know their story and what's really going on. A big SMILE can hide so much.

A :)

Saturday, April 16

At times,people need to fight for you.

maybe it's not too late, to learn how to love and forget how to hate.

Hey dolls, it's a lovely saturday :)) But it rained all day :( First of all, I can't impressed MR.ART. Need to redo again my collage! And also the SEJ project that has to be done by WED :D Mom left us at home,ordered MCD delivery. We waited for 90 minutes!!! Don't have vintage magazines,I need it ASAP! not much time for doing it. take the chance.

One day you'll love me,the way I loved you. One day you'll think of me the way I thought of you.

A :)

Friday, April 15

That's what true love is,always wanting what's best for him. Even if that doesn't include you.

I love you with every breath,smiles and tears of my life :) what you meant to be,it's just you.

Hey dolls, celebrated mama's birthday yesterday :) Had a really fantabulous time together! After dinner,it started to rained,so we head to paparich :)) cendol,ice-cream and cakes! My mama was so happy that we could gather around and celebrated with her,that's the only thing she wished for,simple as ABC :D Talking about today,had an awesome day with dana and xy :) Went WENDY'S @ts. We just walked around,and it's time to get back to school. Bought 2 JB mag!

LOVE is just a word. Until someone comes along and give it meaning.

A :)

Thursday, April 14

Regrets are a waste of time,because at a point in time,you wanted it.

we attached our selves so strongly to people; when they're gone,a part of us is too.


you make me feel like I'm the luckiest child in da' world :)

Hey dolls, today's mom birthday :)) Had made a card for her,I did the same thing every year :D Having dinner tonight with aunt and cousin :) someone broke up with her bf :( the guys literally dumped her off! So dramatic! I just had sex by AKON, it was sucksss!! :((

I pretend that I don't care,but it makes me miss you more.

A :)

Wednesday, April 13

We do have weird feelings for sometimes, girls are always emotional.

Kinda weird :) a post without a photo or something :D this is the real me , real self :) I love
Being my self, it's a freedom. Tomorrow is mum's birthday , I love you!! You are such a fabulous
Mum , you are beautiful,from the inner till outer!! You are amazing,just the way you are:)
Looking at my sister now,rushing her art work, she don't know that I'm starring at her!! She is so naive :) my beloved sister!! I love my family lots :) there are important for me... I need them always :D.

the first time I used iPhone to update my bloggie :))
Kinda tough :(

Amelia :)

Don't let any anyone or any rejection.keep you from what you want.

I fall in love everytime , and I don't really fall in love a lot. But when I do,I fall hard.

Hey dolls, elize.c accompanied me for both recess,ya,she do need caring and support :)) Find us tomorrow as well,we'll be there for you! This week is kinda busy for me,can't hold my breathe :( Quiz,homeworks & sort of complicated stuffs. I've planned that this SAT, am and KIMBERLY are going for a movie date! But we don't know what movie that we gonna to watch :D

lots of thing moving on. you can fake your smile and laughters,but you can't fake your tears and feelings..

A :)

Monday, April 11

A relationship without trust is like a car without gasoline,

they say love can mend a broken heart,but how?
because my heart won't love when it's broken.

Hey dolls, back to school today :)) Had assembly today morning :( Bored like HELL! Rewind back to SUNDAY- went to MV and celebrated mama's birthday! And of course,we had our sushi@ SUSHI TEI ;D Nice food :)) Bought a new pencilcase from tropicanalife. JUSTIN BIEBER- FIRSTSTEP2FOREVER had already arrived to MALAYSIA :) Saw it @mph! Quickly took out my money and brought it home :) Have tons of pics that I wanted to share it with you guys,but the lame phone can't connect to the computer,DAMN!

My cousin sister had gave birth to a baby boy on 31.03.11 :) I forgot to announced this good news,gonna visit the baby and her soon :D and welcomed another baby to our BIG FAMILY!

100 officially JB fans, I do adored him :) heard rumors about him and selenagomez broke up..
if loving you would mean heartbreak and endless quarrels,it would be worth of it.

A :)

Friday, April 8

There's only you in my life,the only thing that's right.

seeing people,isn't what hurts. what hurts is,is remembering who they used to be.

Hey dolls, went to parkson to had our lunchiee :)) After that,mum took a photo shoot! She bought the LOREAL products,so she got a free fabulous shoot :D Of course,my mum looks amazing and gorgeous :) stay tuned for my next post. I do have tons of worries,but I couldn't get rid of it.

sometimes,what a person needs is not a brilliant mind that speaks but a patient heart that listens.

A :)

Thursday, April 7

Difference between promised & memories,

we break promises,whereas,memories breaks us.
youaremyfavoritebookmark- ILY :))

A :)

Because I'm not that kind of girl guys fall in love with,

when a girl tell you about her problems,it doesn't mean she complains,because it means that she trusted on you.

Hey dolls, I'm busied myself for the GEO and SEJ project :)) Am is lacking of time right now :( so are you :D Not really know how much important of them in my life,cause they already have their own life,own friends and some stuffs that belongs to them. It doesn't matters on us already. I don't want to bothered them,let's be normal friends,maybe that's the best way to deal between our friendship :) Just to expressed my feeling and thoughts here,I didn't make any spiteful comment here.I'm here to say sorry if I offended you.

Had made a card that was especially made by me to ELIZE.C :) Every words means lots to me and you! Must appreciate my card ahh :)) Maybe I can't rely on someone that I wanted to.

Breathe.Let go.And remind yourself that this very moment is the only one you know you have for sure.
it's the HARDEST thing to hold on to,if you have nothing to do with it,so..let it go:)

till the world ends by britneyspears.

A :)

Wednesday, April 6

Love is overrated,but who cares?

she said " I afraid to fall ".
he whispered " but I have wings".

bad things happen and you have nothing to do with it.

A :)

And I'm like,forget about you.

I want to enjoy every little sweet moments with my loved ones.

Hey dolls, do miss me! Didn't realized that me and ELIZE.C had already been in a relationship for 100 days :)) congrats to both of us! We are counting on for our 1000 days,can't wait. Thanks for sharing your EVERYTHING to me, ILY alwaysss till the day I die :D NEVER felt regret to know you,muacxxxxx!

Finally,I've finished some parts of my SEJ project :)) Am is waiting for the MCD!!! But when it shows up? Mummy's birthday is drawing nearer,can't wait to celebrate with her! I want to have a hang out,any volunteers? none of them.

Saw pictures of pre-wedding shoot! It was really awesome..! till one day,I will have my very own one :))

A :)

Sunday, April 3

You are the only song that I wanted to hear,

love is not a game,if you think it is,then you're not playing it right.

A :)

You'll always be in my heart,even if I'm not in yours.

happiness is falling asleep next to you and waking up thinking I'm still in my dreams.

Hey dolls, the last day of holiday :) Feeling like I want more! Went back to SEREMBAN to attend a funeral. Saw my relatives and those cousins. Not much conversation :( I'm officially married to ELIZECHONG :D does it sounds awesome! Way to go.

I'm making some changes in my life,if you don't hear anything from me, you are one of them.

A :)

Saturday, April 2

The one who got away,

I'm thinking on giving up on you,it's not that I don't care anymore,because you don't and never will

they say love is a WAR.

A :)


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