Thursday, February 25

I can't breathe...

Back to blogging now..
busy for these day....
because of the exams lol...
have to do revisions...
help me!!!
i'm so stress~
tomorrow is public holiday...
later,daddy's buddy will visit us..
drinking,talking craps...
have to attend a housewarming tomorrow..
eat,eat,eat..=FAT...i knew it:)
i have no mood to STUDY ...
i also dunno why lah...
end post now..bye guys

Sunday, February 21

I still remember what have you say to me

8th day of CNY

Hey dolls~
obviously attend my piano lessons today...
no mood to more energy..
after the lessons..
went to eat lunch at Kam Lun Tai with my uncle..
lou sang again..
its the 4th time that we eat the same thing
we add some salmon in it...incredible taste..
then,eat eat eat...
went home after lunch
later then,
my neighbours have organised a CNY party...
wow,lots of things to eat..
gonna end here...bye...

Saturday, February 20

There was a time...

7th day of CNY

Hi dolls!!!
Happy Birthday to everyone~
i'm so happy today..
leave at home to watch WOOHOO>.<
watch halfway then went to bath..
very crazy lah...
stupid movie==
at the night..
aunt treat us dinner
the place was so beautiful..
the dishes were yummy too...
before dinner..
they have a WU-SHI perfomance at the main entrance...
after dinner..
they have fire crackles..
its infront me..
love it...
they're so fantastic...
then we went back to the lobby to took pics(perasan)
say cheese..
have to back home oready
tomorrow have piano classes..
post some pics for you guys now..
Love and Light-Miss A

Teen Lover

I'm so in LOVE with Justin Bieber

Friday, February 19

Open your heart..i'll be here forever

beautiful papers

tay poster
kris poster
the teen mag
6th day of CNY

went to Mid Valley today..
we went to MPH lol..
bought lots of things..
enjoy Sushi King...
eat Ding Tai Feng...
i bought two magazine ...
mag cover is my fav actor-Taylor Lautner and Robert Pattinson...
actress-Kristen Stewart and Taylor Swift...
lots of poster..
after that,
eat ice-cream...
ending my post now...
bye then<.>

Thursday, February 18

I will always keep it in my Heart

my beloved cousin
mummy and me
grandpa and grandma
sweet sweet sweet
mummy and us..
my cousin from Australia

that's aunt Sabina..i miss her so much<3


that's me-A.M.E.L.I.A
yo!!that's my family,before having my little sis




sister looks so moody...

dinner time

i like this angpau very much<3

5th day of CNY

The movie was fantastic...
for me,
i think that its better than the '72....'
very funny mah...
after that,
i'm starving...
gonna find something to eat>.<

OMG~my stomach was to full...
can't walk==
went to jusco to bought something...
its 8'o clock...
have to went back home...
gonna end here...
i have something to post now..its the photo..

Wednesday, February 17

Dating Date

5th day of CNY

Hey Peeps,
gonna watch'All wells end wells' afterwards...
i book the tickets through the internet...
just took my bath,
cool,wear new clothes,
nothing to do now,
just do nothing==
well,i think i'm gonna finish here,
will post something later,
bye guys<3

When i'm insane

I'm so boring,so i upload these pictures to let you guys enjoy<3
the left hand side is me~cute anot?
juicy strawberries

mummy's finger
did you guys notice that its a smiley face?
the logo
strawberry farm in Genting Highland
he loves the bear
sleepy dog
doggie with ribbon
me and sister-A&A
my doggie

thanks for watching!!!


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