Tuesday, June 29

I need everything-Fabulous

Hey dolls,
i'm here again,
updating this because of Dana,she's the one who ask me to do this,by the way,Thanks!!!Love ya<3
as usual,
i'm surfing the net, but i didn't care about the exams~
well,nothing much to say lah,
cause nowadays i keep updating my bloggie~
so,kinda boring==
but,thanks for all you lovely support--
keep to bring all the newest things for you guys~
gonna end here,

With lots of love,

Monday, June 28


Hey dolls,
its Monday~
exam is coming on Thursday~
sorry,i always mention about the exam==
i've just post up the ad campaign photoshoots by Baby Phat>.<
Hope you all will enjoy it xp
Dana birthday is coming,have to celebrate with her**high-5
just a short post for today~


Saturday, June 26

Baby Phat Ad Campaign-KLS

Spring 2010

Fall 2009

Spring 2009

Fall 2008

Spring 2008

Classic Tale:)

Hey dolls.
its Sunday,
just backed home from piano classes,
gonna reached Mid Valley with my uncle and his girlfriend came from Phillippine...
she's nice~
we had dinner together last night and went to night market,
its crowded==
i've just decided what to buy for my birthday present~Nintendo/PSP.
sorry,my b.d was a past tense-
Hope you all will remember my b.d,
and i'll remember yours too-_-
Okay,cut off the crap,
have to go now,
Bye dolls.

Lots of Love,

Thursday, June 24

Eclipse Poster#2


01.Alejandro-Lady Gaga
02.California Girls-Katy Perry
04.Rock that body-Black Eye Peas
05.Hey,Soul sister-Train
06.Rude Boy-Rihanna
07.Never Say Never-Justin Bieber
08.It has to be you-YeSeung
09.Blah Blah Blah-Ke$ha
11.Eeenie Meenie-Sean.K&Justin.B
12.Waka Waka-Shakira
14.My First Kiss-Ke$ha
15.Can't Be Tames-Miley.C
16.Your Love is my Drug-Ke$ha


Our Sapo group-

I'm here to introduce all my Sapo members.

Sapo#2-Xin Yi.
Sapo#3-Sy Jinq.

*we never ever be apart,instead we are not friends anymore*

"Good friends are like stars.You don't always see them,but you know they're always there"


Never say Never:)

Hi dolls,
these day are preparing for the exams,not exactly lah...
next week is exam oready,
everybody must Gambateh~
i updated a lot of things,pics etc.
Have to entertain you guys~
okay,have to leave now,
Love you Sapo~



FIFA World Cup

I support Portugal!!! GoGoGo<3

Tuesday, June 22

2010 wish list:)

***I want stuffs from Baby Phat-
01.Daddy promised me that he will buy me a IPhone4 when i score at least 5A in PMR-
02.Have a meet with my Biggest Idol-the Queen of Fabulosity-Kimora Lee Simmons-

03. Author-KLS, Fabulosity-What it is& How to get it. I wanna to have this book-
04.Find a mate for my doggy.
05.Travel along the countries with my family-

Edited photos;)

HFD wishes to someone special-

Happy Fathers Day to my lovely Papa-
World Best Daddy!!!

Thanks for your caring&love~

Birthday wishes to FishSuki-

Happy Birthday to Suki.
You are my best friend& you are the best!!!

Stay Cute!!!

Quotes & Sayings

"Shoes are FABULOUS,
even if
they are not always comfortable,
you just have to suffer for

by Kimora Lee Simmons.



Hi dolls,
no society today...CHEERS~
have lots of things to say to you guys-
firstly,last Sunday is Happy Father's Day,have a great time with my lovely papa...
i made a card for him,he definitely loves it<3
then,exam is coming soon,i'm preparing,jia you to all my sapo!
lots of things happen in a time...
it teaches me a lot~
well,just a little update,
love you guys~

Brought to you by,

Tuesday, June 15

Quotes & Sayings

You can be rich and not be famous. You can be famous and not be rich. But to be rich and famous is a special category all by itself.

-Kimora Lee Simmons

Birthday wishes to Junnie June

Happy Birthday to my lovely cousin-Junnie June~
May all your wishes come true<3
sorry for today,can't attend your party,celebrate with you next time~
at last,wanna say something to you-You are the best cousin in the world>.<
Have fun...

Love from,

R.N.P-Ah Po

Laughters,memories,positiveness eventually become tears and condolences frm others..well,R.I.P my dear maternal grandma..we will all miss u u<3

From all of us that miss you-

Monday, June 14

Nothing gonna change my love for you

What a long day,
yesterday we still at seremban,
all of us attend the funeral,
about 1 something,we leave the place and went to have our lunch,
later,went to aunt house and sit awhile ,
the adults do their things loh...
6something,backed home,very tired...
backed to KL ,must find something to eat loh,
returned home and have a bath==
bye guys~

Friday, June 11

In memory of my grandma

In memory of,
my beloved grandma-Yoong kiew

Yesterday,was a sad news for everyone...
after breakfast,went home and we pick up a phone...
and they said that our grandmother has passed away~
omg! i can't accept it,
i couldn't believe this could happen,
but it does,
my heart pumped very fast,
we informed all the relatives and friends,
i'm very shock include all of them,
my daddy rushed back home,packed all the things,
and backed to Seremban,
almost 5 something,
we all gather and went to the temple something(dunno how to say)
we fold the paper,
they cried,but i didn't,i think that my grandma doesn't want to see me to cried for her,
later,we eat something,,,
then it starts,
the whole process i dunno how to explain,
kinda complicated,cuz it was the first time i have saw it,
until midnight....omg,exhausted~
we wanna rent a hotel,but my daddy don't want loh....
later,gonna backed to the same place to do the same thing.

Grandma,we'll always remember you & love you!


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