Thursday, June 30

I'll never fall ; never fall like that again ,

there's too much to think about ; especially LOVE .

Firstly, I want to wish my lil' sister -- ANGEL WONG ; HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
hey, although today's your birthday doesn't mean you could bully me ;) no birthday present only birthday wishes :D I'll give you my first kiss as your present if you want. BIG SISTER love you alwayssss, try to be nice to me, please and thank you :*

Going to dined outside today because of someone's birthday ;) I don't feel like relaxing after exam, obviously. CHONG JIA LE : SAYA PANDAI TEMBAK JAWAPAN! CJL, I'm going to tembak you :D After a month, it's PMR TRIAL! We don't have much time to spent now.

we still are friends ; I know we could be.

A ;)

Tuesday, June 28

Maybe one day I'll be good enough ;

I'm giving you everything I have , please stay with me.

Hey dolls ; I'm not really satisfied with those shits results! I couldn't believe that I've work for so hard but I didn't get anything back :( This is so false but I knew that there might be something wrong with it.
And yes, my new tutor came yesterday, actually I'm so nervous. I thought she's those person that get mad easily, she's like a FAIRY to me :)) I realised that, after exam, it's not holiday, it's a disaster, truly is! Movie date on SATURDAY with KIMBERLYLAU, we are going to watch MONTE CARLO :D Kim ; you just love the shoes not the movie.

" THEY " are the funniest joke in the world. don't be so stupid that you always GET cheated by someone.

A :)

Friday, June 24

Wild heart ; can't be broken.

MONTE CARLO ; Selena Gomez. Leighton Meester. Katy Cassidy.
This is absolutely stunning ; I heart Iphone 5.

Seize the day, trusting as little as possible in the future ;

Hey dolls ; 2nd semester exam is officially over! We are finally released from the prison! You should have an awesome celebration for it. Although we are so tired, exhausted and being so stressed of it, but at the end, you'll get what you've pay for :)) For me, I do have lots of awesome time hanging out with DANAKOH & XINYI :D They are tremendously insane! We PLAYED. LAUGHED. CHAT! We went to played those games and it was hilarious :D Thanks for the day, you guys rocks my life :)

I know what you want to express, I know we couldn't remain the same as we used to be, is just like we live in a different life, we have different friends. Till now, I know this is a very serious matter between us and I'm going to fix this. We ain't no true/ false, we are not standing together, we don't share the same thoughts as we both thinking about it. This is getting worst and worst, something is wrong and there's something came between us.I felt so sorry about it but I have nothing to do with it. Sort of like you made me feels like a really bad person which I'm the one who could possibly just dumped you.

HOT ; the best entertaining magazine, brings you the latest celebrities gossips.

JASON DERULO - don't wanna go home
BRITNEY SPEARS - i wanna go
EMINEM feat BRUNO MARS & ROYCE DA - lighters
BEYONCE - best thing ever
ADELE - someone like you
SELENA GOMEZ - love you like a love song

by britney spears ( I wanna go )

A :)

Saturday, June 18

My daddy gave me the greatest gift anyone could give another person, he believed in me ;


specially dedicate to my dearest DADDY :)

Daddy, when I was born, you were the first person to catch me when I'm going to fall, whenever and wherever. I know you love me more than anything by that time because I'm your first child ;) When I try to said my first words, you were there for me. When I had my first day at school, you told me don't cry and be a good girl in school. When I keep making mistakes, I know sometimes you're being strict but you give the best to us. 

You holds me when I cry, scolds me when I broke the rules, shines with pride when I'm succeed and has faith in me when I fail. Till then, I still haven't finished my school, walk down the aisle or had my first child, but I strongly believe that you will always be there for me through all these times and more.
Although I'm 15 already,but I'll always be my daddy's little girl :)

I'm proud enough to say I have a AWESOME daddy like you!

A :)

Come with me, there's a world out there that we should see ;

silly of me, to think you could fall in love with someone like me ;

Hey dolls ; HOW'S YOUR EXAM? Random post during my exam :)) It's the 2nd day of exam, how it feels? Errr, like NOTHING. Get used to it every year :D Have completed the four subjects ; SCIENCE , MATHS, ENGLISH & HISTORY, so great! Will be continue on MONDAY, it's CHINESE! I'm anxious, can't FAIL! But if it really is, I'm so sure that I'll suicide! Thanks for the accompany during the exams, xoxo :))

I don't have reasons to escape. but then, you are my excuse to say no.

you are my dream, there's not a thing I won't do, I'll give up all my life for you ; 

A :)

Wednesday, June 15

I started missing you as soon as we said goodbye ;

Last Friday Night ( T.G.I.F) by KATY PERRY


Listen To Your Heart by ROXETTE

Rabiosa by SHAKIRA  feat. PITBULL

Give Me Everything by PITBULL feat. NE-YO, AFROJACK, NAYER

Party Rock Anthem by LMFAO

Take Me To Your Heart & You Took My Heart Away by MICHAEL LEARNS TO ROCK

Party On The Floor ( REMIX )

Till The World Ends ( REMIX )

Free At Night by NELLY FURTADO ( REMIX )

* our friendship just ended up with a full stop.

A :)

Saturday, June 11

Don't cry over someone that wouldn't cry over you ;

I thought I didn't deserve you but actually you don't deserve me.

Hey dolls ; officially get back to my school life on MONDAY :)) My new tutor is coming on MONDAY too, but he's a guy. It's weird that my mom found a guy as my tutor, I didn't think so much because of my exam :D I just got a haircut, obviously, I have a major freak of cutting my hair off. I mean every time. It happens all the time. I'm crossing my fingers and pray to GOD as I could possibly score good results :)) Good luck in everything.

I've made a wrong decision in my entire life ;

A :)

Friday, June 10

People that are meant to be together always find their way in the end,

you captured my heart from the start, it ain't complete without you ;

Hey dolls ; knew that all of you had a awesome time during this 2-weeks of holidays ;) Well, we just get to know those HAPPY moments will fade away. I'm lost or maybe I don't who I am already. In my life, I'm seeking for REALISTIC :D Stop daydreaming! This is my real life, I just need to get used to it.

A part of my homework had complete but not all of them. One week left, the exams are moving forward to us. I guess, I need to work my ass of and achieve the goals. What I think about is, sort of things that I usually think too much make them feel like I'm wrong, and that's totally freak me out. That's so true and I admit it. I didn't done nothing wrong, please don't judge me unless you know the real me.

I've learn so much about it, taught me that I need to trust on myself and don't count on somebody else. I experienced it. People that are worth to trust it, just go ahead. Don't get cheated! I'm not trying to be mean to you,but it is true.

I do miss them, friends ; that are always be there for you. I'm proud for my boy, he had just learn to ride the bicycle :))

Do remember, I always care about it. I don't want to make it worst.


A :)

Tuesday, June 7

MTV Movie Awards 2011,

Taylor Lautner.

Blake Lively.

Emma Watson.

Emma Stone.

Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart.

Justin Bieber.

Kristen Stewart.
Reese Witherspoon.

Leighton Meester.

Robert Pattinson.

Selena Gomez.

Selena Gomez & Justin Bieber.

Best Movie ; The Twilight Saga : Eclipse
Best Comedic Perfomance ; Emma Stone
Best Jaw-Dropping Moment: Justin Bieber, Never Say Never
Best Fight: Robert Pattinson vs. Xavier Samuel and Bryce Dallas Howard
Best Kiss: Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse

Best Female Performance: Kristen Stewart, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse
MTV Generation Award: Reese Witherspoon

A :)

Monday, June 6

The Twilight Saga ; BREAKING DAWN - movie scenes and stills.

cast ;

A :)

The Twilight Saga ; BREAKING DAWN.

Breaking Dawn Part 1 ; official trailer 2011.
in cinemas- 24th. December. 2011

can't wait to watch BREAKING DAWN part I !

A :)

Sunday, June 5

You left a hole where my hearts should be,


I BLOG always :)

TUMBLR, lovessss :D
JACK SPARROW is my favorite!

In love with KHLOE & LAMAR, watched season 1, can't wait for season 2!!
JLO is one of my IDOL!

GOSSIP GIRL, leighton meester, gorgeous. fabulous!

JB & SELENA, love them lots :)

at last, HAPPY HOLIDAY ;)

with you, I have the best in my life ;

A :)

Friday, June 3

My boy is officially turning to 4 !


You are a very loyal dog to all of us, love you till die since the day you stepped in our house :)
I never knew I would have a you in my life, having you is the greatest thing. You brought happiness and joy to our life :) We LOVE you as much we do! You're always our boy and that's never ever gonna change.

A :)


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