Friday, December 31

Its a brand new ME ♥



Let's CHEER UP for the arrival of 2011!

Hey DOLLS:) Guess what? Its the FIRST day ever of 2011! Can't imagine that yesterday stills 2010 and today is 2011,crazy! Watched fireworks @SUNWAY PYRAMID,it was awesomeeee :D Enjoy Tasty Hotpot with beloved family =) Going to MV again for the last shopping till reopen school! We still have RM 500 cash voucher,have to spend it all x)

Lastly,I would wish everyone;
HAPPY NEW YEAR & Have an awesome 2011 :D

1 more day left D;


Thursday, December 30

Its been a year and I'm waiting for it ♥

maybe you are the only one to be my everything

Hey DOLLS! Its NEW YEAR EVE :) Say goodbye to 2010 and welcome 2011! Can't believe today's the day,like it just happened last night...but yes,it is! Will head to aunt's house tonight and have steamboat with them x) Hwaiting for the fireworks and 5,4,3,2,1! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

I would like to thanks to my DAD and MUM,they had played a really supportive,caring and loving role! I have promised them that I will pay more efforts next year for my exam and I know that I can achieve it! Next year,it could probably be a tough year for me,lots of things is waiting for me to do,but its worth!

We gotta ROCKS 2011!!! Its a whole new year,new me,new life,new beginning!

2011 WISHLIST :)

Be a good girl in class.

Pay attention.


Make new friends.

Get awesome results.

An iphone 4.

Straight 8A'S in PMR!

JUEC,most important!



Random album ♥

Happy with the X'MAS hat :)


Me with the ugly face x)

A row of soldiers =)



X'MAS card from USA!

Happy with the cowboy suit!

Just a RANDOM album on the X'MAS!
Please enjoy this album,thanks :)


Wednesday, December 29

Its just a game ♥

love isn't like as sweet like chocolates

Hey DOLLS :) Today was like a bad hair day,don't know why,I just feel like that way.Monday is the day! I don't want to cut my hair off,maybe I would tied my hair up,a bun x) Bought a bunch a of hair accessories today,latest hair tools! New Year,the day I would not be so exciting,represents another new chapter of my life begins...

No one would ever pity you,only yourself.Just stop being stupid,no way!


Real love? RIDICULOUS! are extremely adorable :D

Hey DOLLS:) Had a great time today @Mid.V with ma'family. Watched movie after a little shopping and that movie was kinda stupid but damn funny! The best thing ever is to watch movies :)

2010 its been an amazing year to me,things happened in all a sudden.I'm grateful that I had all of it,thanks for all the people who had been so supportive and always be there for me! 2011,that could maybe be my awesome year,appreciates lots! Being a girl is not that easy,you need to be strong.I feel free to be the one :D

I still expect more.


Tuesday, December 28

I throw my hands up in the air sometimes ♥

ILY,its just a simple word,but its hard to speak out

Hey DOLLS :) Just went to mamak stall to have my typical mee goreng and teh'o limau ice x) Knowing that Jia Chan was still in the same class with me,yeah :D I'm so happy about my blog new look,lots of ideas on my mind.Going to Mid.V tomorrow for a movie-Gulliver's Travels =) Nothing much to say today but still try to find some topic.

Everything change all in a sudden,I'm not a predictable person. Not much thing that I could see in the future or the past. It matters on QUANTITY...

Truly believe in yourself,peoples has massive power.


Monday, December 27

How far would you go for love?

Would I choose CUPCAKES or LOVE?

Hey DOLLS♥ Had a great day today with ma' JUNNIEJUNE x) Went to the park and feed the fishes and monkeys breads,they grab it all! 2010 is gonna end soon,but I do miss it.Lots of memories that we had together,it was priceless. I still got to make 2011 a fabulous year!

Christmas ended with perfection! A hair-straightener as a gift :) Can believe that my birthday is drawing nearer,not really feel like want to celebrate it.But I still hope for presents! Fortunately that she/he are not in the same class with me,cause its bored like a boar! Happy that MONIQUE COLEMAN,CORBIN BLEU ,stars from HSM =D,followed me on TWITTER,thanks guys!

2011,what could I hope for this year? Maybe its a whole new year for me,I need to create magic!

Love my BLOG X)


Saturday, December 25

Christmas in my HEART ♥

I don't care about the Christmas...there is just one thing I need


last Christmas,I give you my heart...

Christmas Eve :)
On that night,that I want to tell you...ILY :) Heard the FIREWORKS,but it still the same.

Actual day of MERRY CHRISTMAS! Its time to have some fun time on this X'MAS,don't you? But we still headed to the same venue.Went SUSHI ZANMAI and we met my fm DJ-林德荣! We say bye to him x) Aww,we are the crazy ones! We are who we are :) Daddy bought a LOUIS VUITTON purse as a X'MAS present for himself =) In love with Sarah Connor-Christmas In My Heart,love it

It's Christmas in my heart,When I'm with you,No matter where we are or what we do...


Thursday, December 23

Eat.Pray.Love ♥

Every girl has the strength to do something amazing,anything is possible as long as you stay true to yourself and never give up on your dreams

Hey DOLLS Amazing day! Tang Yuans are fabulicious! 2 days before X'MAS,feeling exciting? What I'm getting for X'MAS? Just went to popular and bought magazines,admit that I'm the gossip ones :) A seventeen magazine covered TAYLOR SWIFT,she's always the best! A sort of HK mag x)

What's your Christmas Wish? A kiss from the guy you love? Or something even more special on that day? It should be a surprise! My wish was kinda simple...its something that wouldn't happen or maybe it would? Its beyond my expectation...

Make a WISH,it will come true :)


Wednesday, December 22



Hey EARTHLINGS:) Today was a HUGE day for the CHINESE...HAPPY DONG ZHI,everyone! Early in the morning,went to bought some groceries and rice balls,my favorite! Bought 2 packet of rice and biscuits for the old folks home x) Done a good deed. Going to eat stemboat tonight with ma'family...

Just a short post for today x)
Lots of things still have to move one,no doubt.


Tuesday, December 21

Only girl in this world ♥

I used to be a good kid,but now...its over.-JACOB BLACK

Hey DOLLS Recently, most of the KC students seeking for their class next year,it was driving us crazy! But some of them said that the newest result is coming out on 27th...hope that we could be in the same class :) Tomorrow is the most important festival for the Chinese x) DONG ZHI =]Have to make HAND-MADE glutinous balls!

3 more days later its CHRISTMAS!!! enjoy x)



Monday, December 20

A Very Bieber Christmas ♥


Hey folks c: The second post today,know lots of things today...don't know maybe is good or bad.Finally,its the day to check on which class that I'm going to in...guess what? Is JR3F! Impossible! Elize is JR3H,can't same class with her :( Jia Chan same class with me! I was like,"MAN...THIS WAS KILLING ME",SUCKSSS!!! No choice,you still have to face it...Everyone was so nervous about it,my sister too,she's in A class!

This girl was so sweet,she wrote a song named" A VERY BIEBER CHRISTMAS".The lyrics was so meaningful...Justin was such a nice guy x) Will support him always!


On the 4th day of Christmas
Justin Bieber gave to me
4 concert tickets
3 pairs of Nikeys
2 hair flips
1 less lonely girl

On the 6th day of Christmas
Justin Bieber gave to me
6 cool scarfs
5 pairs of Supras
4 concert tickets
3 pairs of Nikeys
2 hair flips
1 less lonely girl

On the 9th day of Christmas
Justin Bieber gave to me
9 no 1 songs
8 plaid shirts
7 new hats
6 cool scarfs
5 pairs of Supras
4 concert tickets
3 pairs of Nikeys
2 hair flips
1 less lonely girl


Sunday, December 19

Being so STUPID ♥

bought OSIM UDIVINE in black color yesterday,damn comfortable :)

Hey HONEYS C: 18.12.10 was extremely fabulous with the lovely BRIDE & GROOM ! Held in a grand ballroom squeeze with almost 5oo person,huge! But I still have to woke up in the morning for the piano classes,exhausted! Went parkson to bought our school uniforms and shoes x) The most surprising thing is Daddy bought the OSIM UDIVINE,quite expensive.Maybe thats his pre-Christmas present~

Wishing all of you a very FABULOUS X'MAS & A HAPPY NEW YEAR


Friday, December 17

Save the best for last ♥

Sometimes the snow comes down in June , Sometimes the sun goes around the moon
I see the passion in your eyes,sometimes its all a big surprise :)

Hey HONEYS ♥ Morning everyone! Its fabulous SATURDAY...going to attend a wedding dinner tonight at HOTEL
NIKKO,a 5 star hotel,gorgeous! Merry X'Mas is coming,sounds fun! Exchange presents...sing Christmas songs..."I'm dreaming of a white Christmas,just like the ones I used to know" :) 2 more weeks left till reopen school,I'm nervous that which class I'm going to in...

Looking forward on my studies now,more hardworking and paying more attention,can I do that? Honestly...maybe no.But I will try my best x) My 15th birthday is coming,looking more older and older now...PRAY♥ by JUSTIN.B



Thursday, December 16

Be With You ♥

Hey FABS! Finally I'm back to KL x) I had the most Fabulous MCA Trip! I went there for 3 days 2 nights...enjoy myself there much!

Arrived there about 2 ,checked in and out down our to play! Head on to SAFARI PARK but its raining so just walking around there,bought something in the souvenir shop :D At night,head to COWBOY TOWN,have our dinner there.Around 9pm,the carnival show starts...amazing opening! Lots of performance =]

Wake in the early morning,breakfast! Sunny day,decided head on to safari park...lots of animals in there! SNAP,SNAP AND SNAP!!! Snap with a parrot on my head,sounds exciting! Had a free ride to look on the animals...saw LIONS AND TIGERS,they looks sleepy! It was fun =) Enjoy the BIRD SHOW...later then,WATER WORLD,WE ARE COMING! Enjoy lots in the water,daddy too x]

Its time to checked out,have to say goodbye! Rains the whole day,but we still can have fun~Went to Malacca Town,lots of old shops,souvenir shops and etc.Try Malacca Famous Chicken Rice Balls,not bad!Walked and Shopped. Visited Malacca Red House,huge! A'FAMOSA FORT,here we come,took photos infront the fort,looks good! Climbed the long and narrow stairs till the hill....pheww...sweats :x Yeah,accomplished our MCA TRIP


* met a stunning boy in there,he looks good! I'm crazy,dude!*


Sunday, December 12

I'm not good enough

These are my FAVORITE CELEBS,if I have a chance to met them,I would freaking die! But it couldn't happen in my life... its just a dream of mine buy I hope its REALITY



I dreamed I dreamed

PEACE,LOVE, what I want in my life

Hey Earthlings :) Its been a few days I didn't update,miss you guys lots! Btw,I will off to Malacca tomorrow and will be back soon x) Have a wedding dinner to attend this Saturday=) Going to buy new school uniforms,shoes,bag and stationaries =] Little bit of exciting and nervous till that day~Try to have some peace in this earth...

Actually I have nothing to blog,need to find some inspiration! But where could I find it?
Will send HAPPY to dog hostel tomorrow :]



Wednesday, December 8

You set me free


Hey EARTHLINGS :)How's your day today? I definitely have a great day x) Had a fun day yesterday at ma' hometown,actually I just stayed they for one day.After the dinner,have to say goodbye and back to KL =) Will head to MALACCA and SEREMBAN next week! Do miss my aunts and cousins! I have a sore throat today,sucks!!!



Monday, December 6

I'm here for the last time

the first time I put my pic, random :)

Hey HONEYS x) Try to relief myself now for not bothered about those stupid stuffs,the best way to get rid of it =] Had a fun shopping spree, SECRET RECIPE for tea :] FABULOUS combination! Almost every single day I updated my latest status on blogger and twitter,I'm LOVIN It! Not everything that was predictable, its an unknown number :)

Christmas is coming,how do you guys celebrate? The most fabulous festival! Must enjoy yourself as much as you can!



Sunday, December 5


I admit that I'm the STUPID ones!

Hey FABBIES :) My day was full of happiness with all of you! After lunch,headed to grandparent's house to visit them,they looked healthy and good! Its TEA-TIME and its the time for us to had some fun x) My fav-ABC,the local food which I loved the most x) I'm still seeking with some fabulous outfits,could anyone tell me where can find it? Sometimes I kinda mad with the damn cell phone, it makes me wanna to kill someone,sorry to say that!

Till the reopen school day,I'm getting more nervous now,I can even think about it :( The whole new year which is waiting for me,so I coming now!



Friday, December 3

Melting Ice-Cream

tell me that you love me...IMPOSSIBLE!

Hey HONEYS :) Had a fabulous time with my cousin,she's pretty insane,so am I x) We ordered MCD delivery as our lunch, bad service :( Had cancelled tomorrow going to ELIZE's house,will go they by next time =) I'm sticking to those novels and they absolutely interesting,talking about boys and girls,can't really live without them x)

As I know life is a DREAM,I hate REALITY!
Could anyone tell me how much I love him?
no one *sob sob*


Thursday, December 2

Unchained Melody

pieces of HEARTS brokes,no turning back...

Hey MONSTERS:) How's today? I do have a lots of fabulous time with ma sis! She kept bully me although I'm older than her...unfair :( But I still love it! Do you guys has a TWITTER account? Could you please give me you email or username so that I can follow you,thanks x) I got to say this,I'm kinda addicted to TWITTER now,its FABULICIOUS!

Am I getting more insane now? yea,really! I don't have to prove myself to someone,that's no point!

Going to ELIZE's house again this SAT! ILY YOU,HONEY :)

*must follow me on TWITTER!


Wednesday, December 1

A half of my heart

a long lonely time and time goes by... so slowly and time can do so much ,are you still mine?

Hey HoneysHow's life? Everything goes well,I do think so :) Left more about 30 days, will meet up with you guys! But I still nervous about the switch class stuffs and also the exam,stress off! Life still got to move on,no one cares x) Deal it with your ownself! Elize's has some relationship's problem and she's seeking for help,and that's absolutely me! I'm sure that I will help her to get rid of these silly things :)

No one can ever touch you when you had became to learned STRONG!
Maybe I will



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