Tuesday, May 31

Because every time I see you, I fall in love all over again.

you meet one person and your whole life changes forever.

4th day of holiday ;

Hey dolls ; end of the day - MAY. Tomorrow's JUNE :D Oh goshh, wasn't it too fast for me, yes it is ! My beloved HAPPY went for a cut few hours ago, i'm missing him loads :) His 5th birthday falls on 4th of june. I think I would make his favorite bread for him :D Father's Day is drawing nearer, it's time for me to do something. Maybe we gonna back to malacca to visit my uncle, it's about 5 months that we never meet with each other, been told that he had opened a restaurant there. I'm in love with JLOPEZ <3

i don't miss you, i miss what we had before ;

A :)

Monday, May 30

The minute you think of giving up, think of the reason why you held on so long.

you'll be the answer when someone asks me what I'm thinking about.

Hey dolls ; it's MONDAY. Feel like wanna back to school ASAP ! Don't want to stay at home for 2 weeks :( I'm willing to back to school study and meet my beloved friends, that's what I wishing for now ;D When I'm in school , I wish that I'm in home. When I have nothing to do at home, I wish that I'm in school, that's weird for me :p

I'm gonna change my number again. I mean for the second/ third time! KIM KARDASHIAN is officially engaged with KRIS HUMPHRIES :)) The 30 years old said " I finally found my missing puzzle piece, I'm complete "! Congrats to the kardashians :D

enjoy your holiday ;

A :)

Sunday, May 29

I wish I was cuddled in your arms right now,

I want to be his favorite hello and his hardest goodbye.

2nd day of holiday ;

Hey dolls :) Had a great time with beloved darlings last night, it was a really awesome party I ever had :D Knew some awesome friends there, they are so nice to me and took I pictures with them! We sang karoake and played some retarded games ;)) I promised that next time we will hang out together again :) Didn't attend CHINESE ORCHESTRA last night, heard that it's a amazing perfomance.

After my kh replacement class, head to midvalley. Ate our lunch @kimgary :) There's a lots of  " APPLE FANS" was queing outside to brought back their dream IPAD 2 :D Saw everyone was holding an ipad, urghhh ! Iphone 4 in white colour, want it so badly. Conditons to have an iphone 4s : PMR strike 5As and above, teecheee ;p There's a big ship at the center of midvalley. For the propaganda of PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN 4 :))  It was huge. Gonna watch it on next sunday. The decorations was awesome!!!

don't fall for words, fall for actions ;

now playing ;
I won't let you go by RASCAL FLATTS.

A :)

Friday, May 27

Brazil Morocco, London to Ibiza, Straight to LA New York, Vegas to Africa.

you never stop loving someone, you either never did, or you always will.

Hey dolls ; First day of our awesome holiday! How it feels?! PARTY tonight :)) Do miss my friends lots, never gonna change. Do you think that my post title is kinda weird, took it from JLO- ON THE FLOOR lyrics. It's super cool, lol :D Especially to my awesome gangs- elize, dana, xinyi, kimberly, jiale, zishan, vengkei, huien, zhengqing..lots and lots! Knowing you is the best thing that I ever had ;

Congrats to AMERICANIDOL season 10 ; SCOTTY MCCREERY!! He had defeated LAUREN ALAINA, great pity for her. I want lauren win this so badly. They are the youngest idol in the history of AMERICANIDOL, can't believe that they had achieved the goals and success!

it's time to release all those bad things on you, just let it go.

now playing,
colder weather by zac brown band.

A :)

You're one of those people that I need in my life,

for once, I just want to forget all the memories I ever made to you.

Hey dolls ; Finally I'm here! Have been trying for few days to sign in to blogger, but it doesn't works! I really miss my BLOGGIE and my awesome-followers :)) Don't know why this damn blogger can't let me sign it ;(( Guess what?! HOLIDAY starts on tomorrow!!! It means that the PARTY starts now! Is just as holidays, I thought of BOOKS! BOOKS! BOOKS! There's nothing else. 2 weeks of holidays, how can I spent it wisely? Gonna attend one of my friend's birthday party, and I need to back to school on SUNDAY? Duh! No doubt, it's the first time that I back to school on sunday ;(

friendship? you know what, it's sucks for me. I don't want to pursue someone, I want someone to pursue me. don't ever think that someone hurts you the most, cause you don't know you're the one who often hurts someone. It can be a good thing / bad thing to me, I just don't want to make it worst. As I can say, it's COMPLICATED to me.You don't take it serious and so am I! No one wants to care about this!

I don't want to dream about you anymore, I want reality.

A :)

Monday, May 23

You wouldn't know how awesome he is because he's JUSTIN.B.

 has won 7 awards for the 2011 MUSIC AWARDS!

Top New Artist ; Top Social Artist ; Top Screaming Artist ; Top Digital Media Artist ; Top Pop Album ;  Top Streaming Song ; Top Billboard 200 Artist :)

He looked so sweet with SELENA GOMEZ! What an awesome couple :))

A :)

Sunday, May 22

I want to be the girl who makes your bad days better,

relationships are messy and people's feelings get hurt.

Hey dolls , recently all the JUNIOR 3 was busy for those project which is apparently annoyed us so much ! Next week, ENGLISH & MALAY composition exam ;( It's trying to kill us ASAP! Congrats to LAUREN ALAINA & SCOTTY MCCREERY that they are in the AMERICAN IDOL season finale! They are way to awesome to be the next amercanidol ;)) All the best and good luck! KIMBERLYLAU, LOVE YOU AS MUCH AS I DO ;

you know that I always have reason to be here,

A :)

Friday, May 20

I still repeat the things you said to me in my head,

my heart will always be with you ;

520 ; means I LOVE YOU.

use this day to show your love, appreciation , support, caring, happiness to someone that you really want him to know how much you care about.

elizechong, kimberlylau, danakoh, xinyi, phangzishan, jiale, vengkei, huien, zhengqing, suki, syjinq ,ellishyinand lots.

A :)

Love me when I least deserve it because that's when I really need it,

All of the lies I've heard " I LOVE YOU " was my favorite .

520 ; TEACHER'SDAY :))

Hey dolls ; it's TEACHER'SDAY! :D What a awesome celebration! In the morning, all of us and so as the teachers gathered at the basketball court, the performances was great. But the weather was hot and it was  totally suckkss ;( I'm happy that took loads of pics with them, love ya loadsss! Those damn stupid prefect just confiscated my sister's phone! I was like ' WTF '!!! I just told that the prefects only searched for bag, just only her. This is really UNFAIR for her, what the hell! LMFAO.

you guys made my life;

A :)

Thursday, May 19

Single doesn't mean we don't know anything about love,

don't you want to hold each other tight, don't you wanna fall asleep with me tonight.

Hey dolls ; I'm here again! Have MCD burger today, thanks to MS.LIM! Thanks god that I have accomplished the damn GEOGRAPHY project ;( Tomorrow's TEACHERSDAY, tea party! Mummy gonna fetch us tomorrow after school :D I'm freaking in LOVE with TUMBLR right now, teecheeee!
Forgot to wish MISS VOOI happybirthday- ' HAPPY BIRTHDAY '! LOVEYAALWAYS,

you were once happy without him.

A :)

Monday, May 16

I act like I don't care but deep inside, it hurts.

I wanna see you, hug you and make you smile.


Hey dolls, today's WESAKDAY :)) Hope that you will have a great day :D Actually, I don't have anything to BLOG so ;) ELIZECHONG don't be affected by the people surrounds you, it makes you feel more depressed. Have uploaded those awesome-ish pictures @facebook. Can't upload at here cause I can't rotate those pics ;(

TUMBLR is my life,

A :)

One of the best thing in the world when someone you love hold your hands,

I like what I've found, keep it around.

Hey dolls :)) Today's SPORTSDAY! I'm super-dyper in a state of excitement :D Enjoyed the time being together with DANA & KIM :)) Unfortunately, XY didn't come because she had get ill, get well soon :))
Took loads of pics with them, this was really AWESOME! The time we had was priceless. All of us fuel for our team, we shouted like HELL and so like GORILLAS ;) I will treasured today forever.



A :)

Sunday, May 15

Everytime we talk I fall a little harder,

just watch my wildest dream come true.

Hey dolls :) What a lovely SUNDAY. Stay at home today cause they mum & sister was sick. Bought snacks and drinks, gonna bring to the STADIUM tomorrow! Guess what?! It's KCH- SPORTSDAY :D We just planned for our holidays, maybe we are going to SABAH, yea just maybe. Not so sure about it, if it yes, we have to dumped daddy @malaysia. I'm freaking in TUMBLR FEVER now, I keep REBLOG those pics! If you have a TUMBLR , you may follow me and I'll follow you back! My tumblr link-

Have a great SUNDAY, lots love.

A :)

Wednesday, May 11

Always follow your heart but take your brain with you,

If you start to miss me, remember. I didn't walk away, you let me go.

Hey dolls :)) A day after the sportsday! They looked exhausted and muscle pain. But it's worth to do that for our class! Especially to KIMBERLYLAU, you are extremely AWESOME! I LOVE YOU LOADSSS :D Within your help, our class to get in to the FINAL, you are the CHAMPION :)) Next MONDAY, I'm waiting for it! I'm gonna bring snacks and drinks and maybe the camera! Tons of holidays next week :)) But we gonna have exams after it, put it on !

Today's my HISTORY teacher - Ms. LIM AE TENG's birthday! We sang birthday song to her and she seems really HAPPY with it! Enjoy your awesome birthday, have blast ! And one thing, you owe us MCDONALD!!! Just to remind you ;)


A :)

Tuesday, May 10

That yesterday remain a yesterday and it will never be the same again,

me & xinyi :)

me & dana :)

me & elize.c :)




If you smile when no one else is around, you really mean it.

A :)


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