Thursday, April 22

There's another story ...

Hey peeps!
miss you guys alot..
not free to update my lovely blog-_-
this Sat have Parent's Day,
Sunday have to participate the jogathon and after, went to mid valley to celebrate Kim's birthday,
have to choose a present for kim..
my results not really bad at all,have to be improve in the next exam,
now a days,i cycle every evening to do exercise,and i love it...
it makes me feel happy for doing it...
and that's what i gonna say,
bye guys~

Friday, April 16

I don't wanna think anymore...

Hey peeps,
great to meet you guys~
today is Saturday,but we have school...
a couple days ago,
w** and l** was in love,hahaha>.<
he's very brave to say I LOVE YOU to the girl,kinda hero...
congrats to this couple,may they're relationship will be forever..
and that's a love miracle begins<3
daddy is coming back tomorrow midnight,safe journey..
update some things later,bye...

Wednesday, April 14

For all those time you stood by me...

Happy Birthday to You, Mummy!!!
I will always LOVE you~
Thank you for everything,
it meant a lot to me,
you are a great mum and a great wife,
no matter what, you always think of us,
you work hard for us,
you are my inspiration,
you lead me to the right way,
you encourage me when I was sad,
you teach us to be a good kid,
and i will always remember every word that you say,
at last,i should say,
You have been a wonderful Mum!!!

Friday, April 9

Something gonna change

Morning everyone,

mama take us to have tea,

on the way,

she told us that everyone have their responsibility to their own job,

include us...

i sighed,

i'm so ashamed for going through it,

God made us perfectly,

we are human being,

we do mistakes~

Friday, April 2

Let me enjoy:)

Hi dolls!!!
Happy Friday>.<
after school,went back home,eat my lunch,have a shower...
the whole day long,i was riding my bike with my doggie..
its so fun~
I hang a basket infront of the bike...
its weird...seriously..
luckily,it doesn't rain..phew==
tomorrow is Sat,its holiday for three days..
hooray! we should be happy-_-
mummy's birthday is coming soon and i have decorate a card for her..
daddy is gonna to leave for a few days to China...
and tomorrow is my granpa's birthday,gonna attend the b.d dinner...
goodnight everyone!


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