Sunday, November 18

Feeling badass

oh hi everyone, im gonna blog about last wednesday's shopping day with mom and sisters. a day before, dad flew off to China. and yes, the best time we could hang out till late night buahahahhaaa. so we went MV as usual. had our breakfast there too and after that we did some shopping at f21 and c.o ;) booked tickets for COLD WAR, quite an interesting movie especially the guns and shot scenes. besides enjoying the movie, i feels like im in the snow world i dont know whats the heck with the air 
conditioner, IM FREEZING AND IM SERIOUS! my mom was like , im cold and i need clothes to cover up my neck and the whole body. after the movie, we had sushi zanmai to "warm up" our stomach heheeehe. i thought we were going back home after dinner but actually not so i suggested mom if she wanna shop for her clothes and meanwhile she brings up this perfect plan, how about we watch another movie -- 007 perhaps? so we quickly went up and buy tickets. amazing MOM doubt, the air conditioner temperature was as cold as ice berg. it was OKAY to me but not that much okay, im glad that daniel craig as 007 cause he's super attracting but I still couldn't get why the two hot girls weren't the main character instead they chose the old lady as the BOND GIRL i think so. come on i wanna watch pretty girls flirting with 007 urghhhh fine they dont get it. after movie was about 9 sth, and yea supper time hahahaah. it was like 3 meals a day in the mall and im feeling badass chilling in the mall for almost 10 hours. greatttt- day everrr, we did this randomly since dad was not around so no one watching us. at the meantime, I MISS DAD hahahaa, no worries he will back on friday :)

much loves, ameee-lia.

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