Thursday, November 8


Oh hey yeaaaaaa, almost forgot about blogging recently. im running a busy schedule oh my seriosuly. last posted on AUGUST can u believe this. miss blogging so much and im lazy to post up the pics because its too much so im kinda hanging there first. well school is going to end really really soon in about two weeks time. actually i kinda enjoy myself this year but im no longer a form 4 student. can someone help me with this cause this fucking spm is knocking on me. so i better be well prepare during the  much improvements to achieve :( good luck then.

having a trip to thailand after my sister's tong kao, taiwan trip called off due to personal reasons, frustrating huh?! its okay. accept the fact. not doing really well in the third sem. oh come onnnnnnnn. #$^%^&*(%&%^%%^ hell yea. so wanna cry.

- omg, stay tuned for my next post - coming soon

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